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Mixing Audio to
soothe your soul

Welcome to the exciting world of audio mixing!

At Mix Audio, we provide digital audio mixing services in the Oakville, Ontario area and to the rest of the world.  You know that after the recording process, the music mixing process is where you take the next step to making your music come to life!  So when looking for an engineer for your audio mixing project, you need someone who is committed to mixing your music to the finest detail.

My name is Jim the Mix Engineer here at Mix Audio.  I am dedicated to giving you the best in sound engineering and production. With decades of experience and a passion for music, I am committed to staying at the forefront of industry developments and delivering exceptional audio mixing services at a quality level that yours and every project I undertake deserve.

When you use Mix Audio for your Audio Mixing project, you will have access to a wealth of knowledge with everything from the recording process to mixing, mastering including distribution.  You have spent much time and money crafting your music so now it’s time to take it to the next level.  Again, my name is Jim.  I have been in the music industry for 25 plus years and been involved in every aspect of the recording process.

Join me on your journey through sound.  Mix Audio is fully equipped to deliver breathtaking soundscapes where every note and rhythm comes alive like never before.  Most importantly, my commitment to audio excellence is second to none.

Get ready to experience sound like never before!

A preview of my work.

Last Man Standing
Randy Mondesir - Another Day!
Abeena Samm - Billy Banking
Jah Nissi - L'Union
TC Brown - De Spirit of St. Lucia
Leta Matobo - SOS Animation
Semi - Bend Down